The second prototype

With the flashlight holder concept working and no money to spend I had to figure out a cheap way to prototype this gadget. An empty cookie jar was the base to my first mould.

Free ingredients
From stuff I had in my basement.

  • Plexiglass (From the shower cabin we trashed over ten years ago. I knew it would come in handy some day!)
  • Plastic ginger bread cookie jar (Annas pepparkakor)
  • A leftover piece linoleum mat (Wood imitation)
  • Metal tube
  • Deodorant (To shape that floppy linoleum)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hobby silicone (Very cheap ;-))


Silicone mould for Gearfix
You can go a long way with everyday objects.

Tricky to shape
The theory was still as the meat grinder solution. I made a loaf in silicone to slice as bread as in the previous sketch but its really hard to cut elastic material. The other problem was to get all these plastic mould parts to stand straight. The deodorant was put inside the linoleum mat for support.

Plaster garden gnomeHobby silicone
Great stuff, you just mix two components and pour it in your mould. Normally people use silicone mix to make elastic moulds for decoration plaster gnomes. The runny
consistence gave me problems with future generation prototypes but right now it worked perfectly.

Silicone prototypes for Gearfix
The first bundle of silicone prototypes.

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