The second pitch = Fail

Detergent commercial
Click image to see this weird commercial.

It’s a good idea to wash your groin stained pants before an important meeting. But I had bigger problems than embarresing clothing.

I travelled half across Sweden to the second retailer meeting and spent the night at my sisters place. Just before I was off to the meeting I realized my one pair of pants were stained from silicone prototyping. Naturally all the stains were strategically placed near the crotch area.

Stupid box.
Stupid box.

Bogus confidence
Despite high confidence from my first pitch it did not go well and my stained pants weren’t helping. On the phone I had accidentally revealed that my invention was a new type of drill bit holder. The problem was that, before I had a chance to whip out my clever invention, the retailer presented all of their stupid drill bit boxes. He had already made his mind up and it was impossible to convince him that my rubber drill bit holder wasn’t a box.

My second USP*
Gallantly I went for my other strong sales argument:
-”Hey it’s a Swedish invention manufactured in Sweden. People love quality stuff don´t they?”.
He replied that they can´t boast about any Swedish stuff because then it becomes apparent that 97% of their other stuff comes directly from China. Quality and intelligence wasn’t their game.

One more time
I had another go at this retailer a year later. Now Gearfix was sold in other stores and this time they were interested. But I got a bad feeling that their business strategy was to tie me up and screw me in some way. I cut my losses and let them keep on with their crappy Chinese stuff.

* Unique selling point

This is the living story of my venture to design & produce a completely new product for the consumer market. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a leap and do the same. Right now i´m in the middle of my mission and will mix recent events with an abundance of retrospective posting. My goal is that you will find it interesting, entertaining and invigorating.

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