There is lots more!

Don’t get confused, this is from the other TV-innovation-show. But I have prepared over 50 posts from this previous TV-experience . There were lots of secresy around that and there still is. But now it’s time to publish bits of what happened then.backstab

Secret stuff
Since I havent managed to get my triangular hot dog out on the market yet there are still many things I can’t/won’t publish. But I assure you there are lots of juicy backstage storys and backstabbing characters you don’t want to miss. I’ll try to dig up a few posts that arent too secret after this more recent TV-thing is over.

Crank up the volume!
Please enjoy my old TV-pitch below (Sorry for the poor sound quality).

Made in Sweden?

Photo of product labels.
Made in Sweden vs. Swedish design (zoom image).

I still wasn’t sure if Gearfix eventually had to be manufactured in Asia. So I chose to just claim the value of ”Swedish design”.

Saving by spending
I had an order for ”only” a few thousand units. But it was much more economic to buy the printed material in bulk. For a little more money, I ordered 20.000 extra paper labels with the print -”Swedish design”. This also turned out to be a good move when the drunk & brawling packaging service started to trash my stuff.

Limited edition
I figured that if my gadget had to be manufactured in Asia, the labels would still be usable. How ever, the boxes were made in a very limited edition and got the more prestigious print -”Made in Sweden”.

International expandation

usaI just made a sale to one more country. What does it take to call your self an international business man?

Google translates version of the above:

  • swedenJag gjorde bara en försäljning till ytterligare ett land. Vad krävs det för att ringa din egen internationell affärsman?
  • polandZrobiłem sprzedaży na jeszcze jeden kraj. Co trzeba zrobić, aby zadzwonić do siebie międzynarodowej działalności człowieka?
  • norwayJeg har nettopp gjort et salg til en mer land. Hva vil det ta å ringe deg selv en internasjonal business mann?
  • canadaJe viens de faire une vente à un autre pays. Que faut-il appeler votre auto un homme d’affaires international?