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Crowdfunding for a better tomorrow

Youtube screenshot
The crowdfunding video has been removed to protect the innocent

Update 3 june 2013 – I cancelled the campaign to restart it on another platform. The PayPal-problem was just too great.

I should have started crowdfunding for my triangular hot dog right after the TV-show in December 2012. But it’s never good to look back. I’m heading for the future and need your help.

Expensive production
I need a lot of money to get this pyramid puppy moving and crowdfunding is the quickest way to get started. The situation today is that I have to get the big boys to put together large and expensive machines for a test production. And right now, I’m dead broke.

More important than money
It would be a dream come true if my triangular sausage got 1000 supporters of the minimum amount 1$. Because it’s a clear statement to the sausage industry that the crowd wants this and support it with their own money.

Payment problems (naturally)
If you didn’t have a PayPal account the invoice- (Faktura) alternative was rather good. You then avoided PayPals stupid demand to create a new PayPal account. A real hassle for anyone wanting to contribute, especially going through all that red tape just to give a symbolic amount.

Thank you all for contributing for a better tomorrow!

The invention(s)

Gearfix – my elastic drill bit holder is the main focus of this blog right now. However, I have another product that will change your future. Stay tuned, you don’t want to miss this!

Martins invention
It’s rubbery.

My first invention
The drill bit holder is my first really successful invention. I will post details of interest and amusement how I managed to get this little gadget out to the consumer market. Check out Gearfix official website, the Webshop or Gearfix Facebook page

Sketch of my hot dog.
Triangular sausage.

The next invention
Well, it’s a triangular shaped hot dog that I’m working at right now. Soon I will go into depth about this adventure that started out in a Swedish TV-show.

Swedish info at this Facebook page or the official website.