More & more expensive part 2 (of 2)


3D rendering of Gearfix
In theory they did a nice job.

The delay of my first Gearfix delivery continues from this previous post.

More shit
Suddenly they told me we had to wait 3 weeks more for the material delivery!? This was not included in their estimated production time and sabotaged my deadline completely. On top of this the material company sent the wrong stuff adding even more delay to the injury.

Impatient customer
I pledged to the retailer if they could accept a divided delivery, half now & half later. They replied -”All or nothing!”. A worrying comment indeed.

Never again
The degree of elasticity was hard to decide. Just before the first production batch I figured out how stiff it had to be. A problem with elastic gadgets is that you want a combination of maximal stretchiness with sturdy stiffness. It will always be a compromise and I will do my best to never invent anything elastic again.

This is the living story of my venture to design & produce a completely new product for the consumer market. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a leap and do the same. Right now i´m in the middle of my mission and will mix recent events with an abundance of retrospective posting. My goal is that you will find it interesting, entertaining and invigorating.

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