Keeping it simple

Gearfix prototype with label.
A puritan solution.

When I got rid of the flashlight I no longer needed a sealed container and my packaging alternatives widened.

Cutting the cost
The cheapest package I could imagine apart from printing the bar code directly on the product was fastening a simple price tag to it. This also gives the customer an opportunity to examine and feel the product before purchasing it.

Photo of a fästband.
In Sweden they call it fästsnöre.

What do you call this crap?
You see them in stores everywhere, billions used every day. But I couldn’t find a single one on the internet simply by not knowing what they were called. Eventually I went to a clothing store where all their price tags were fastened with these nameless strings. The shop clerks didn’t know what they were called either. But I got the phone number of their supplier and everything was eventually sorted out.

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