Getting a bar code part 1

Barcode photo
Can I have it on my forehead please?

You see them everywhere but what are they and how do they get there?

My own code
I spent hours researching and eventually figured out what needed to be done. It’s always scary diving into something you are completely clueless of. I’m still not sure, but it seems that is the only place to get a bar code from?

Web shopping
You actually just log on to their website and place your order. Beware, there are lots of different types of bar codes and the information provided doesn’t help that much. You then receive a number that somehow transforms into the bar code.

Everything is relative, but I wasn’t too keen on putting up the money for this when starting out with my drill bit holder. The cheap choice would have been to force my retailer to create and print their own bar codes. I’m quite sure they wouldn’t have liked that at all. I prefer being professional and keeping my customers happy any way I can.

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