Gearfix saved my life

The roof with the plice.
I didn’t have time to take a “Before” photo. The board is holding down the splice.

If you are the type of person that runs out of the house into a blazing storm to fix something before it becomes a bigger mess you will certainly recognize this situation.

Stormy weather
My family just moved to a house on the countryside. The house is in need of some minor fixing and I covered a small part of the roof with plastic for the winter. Today the wind started to rip up a splice in the plastic and I had to act fast for it not to completely blow off and become a huge mess.

Scramble scramble!
Running around gathering stuff quickly made me grab a handfull of screws, a long enough board, a hand saw and, naturally, my Gearfixed screwdriver. Always keeping an eye on the flapping plastic cover, bit by bit ripping into a bigger opening.

Holding on to things
The ladder blew down every time I let it go but it went fairly quick to measure up and cut the board that would hold things down. The problem was pulling and holding down the plastic sheet getting rid of the wind filled bubble it had become.

Different screw heads.
Didn’t see that coming.

Almost there
I got the first screw in and it was looking really good. Although I had to climb down and move the ladder a few times to fasten the board. Then it happens. The handfull of screws I rushed to grab were out and the last screw in my pocket had a different head.

Double trouble?
If I would have run off and left the uncompleted reparation the whole thing might have blown off and there was no Way I could fix it until after the incoming snowstorm. But on my Gearfix drill bit holder was the solution – a PH2 drill bit. I quickly got the much needed screw in place and calmly walked to the shed and got additional screws to finish the job.

Lessons learnt
Ok, Captain Hindsight probably has lots of wise comments about this SNAFU but the fact is that:

  • I saved precious time when the storm was picking up.
  • I didn’t have to run up and down the slippery ladder more than necessary.
  • I finished the job before it became a huge mess.
  • My Geafix drill bit holder will come in handy when I need to remove that board.

If you are- or know some one that will run out to fix stuff on the house during a storm I suggest you buy them a Gearfix drill bit holder here. I should know, I invented it 😉


Follow the bread crumb trail

Illustration from Martin Wande.
Back tracing stuff that happened two years ago isn’t easy.

I hope it won’t confuse you too much that some events might lag a bit. The next few posts will be jumbled together in an unseeingly logical time travelling order.

Retro blog
This blog is retrospective and it’s not that easy getting everything in a chronological order. My Teflon brain isn’t helping but I managed to sketch up a nice illustration of what’s going on. I knew it would be impossible for me too keep every post in correct order so I try to make all of them able to stand alone with handy links to direct the new reader to relevant information.


Sick illustration
I’m a sick individual.

Standing knee deep in mucus made me realize it was time for a break.

The family is consumed by snot and I can’t keep up the posting right now. You’ll notice when I’m back on track again.

Next generation

Photo of Martins kid.
A little sunshine during the torment of getting my first invention out in the world.

There was alot going on during the time of product development. My 2:nd son was born just before the first shipment of Gearfix went to the stores.

It helps to have something to dream for. It felt important to be successful in this venture and have a chance to secure a nice future for our family.

Hello world!

Gearfic, drill bit holder.
My first real invention.

I read somewhere that you always should start a new thing, like a blog, with the words -”Hello world!”.

Perhaps I wasn´t really paying attention and can´t be bothered to double check this. So in fear of bad karma combined with fear of making a fool of myself, I start my first post this way to please the gods and will erase it soon to please every one else.

See you later!