Molesting translation

YouTube molesting auto captions
Gosh! What is he talking about?!?!. Maby I should speak a bit clearer so the translation works better next time?

My first Japanese Gearfix order came with a surprising bonus. It was from a DIY* blogger that turned out to like my invention.

World Wide Webshop
The goal is for everyone on this planet to be able to get hold of my little innovation. Not just the Scandinavians that happen to live near the few retailers that stack my product. Now I got some well needed help to promote Gearfix existence online.

Cheap, quick and easy
A friend confirmed that this blogger says nice things about the reasonable price, quick delivery and most important, good product. You can find the blog here (It is in Japanese though).

YouTube transnation
I can’t read Japanese, but from the blog post I figured out they translated my videos automatically on YouTube. I tried the automatic captions to see how accurate they were. Lucky for me the captions about my –”Molesting drill bit holder” didn’t scare off this friendly blogger.

* Do It Yourself

Future enchantment

Business cards
Suspiciously cheap and should have been done years ago.

Finally, today I made specific business cards for my various projects. It reminds me of a coming topic that I will informatively amuse you with.

Back to the future
In a coming post you can follow my market fair experience revolving Gearfix. I had ordered a very limited edition of business cards along with the other market equipment and they costed a fucking fortune!

Kiviks market
No! Please don’t take a business card. It will ruin me.

Card vs Product
The problem was that every time someone said -”Err. I’ll just take a business card and think bout it.” I cringed. I knew they wouldn’t be coming back and the fucking business cards were more expensive than the actual product. I could have given them a free Gearfix sample instead and saved money at the same time.

Conflicted solution
OK, now I have bought some new cards. From Vistaprint this time (almost for free). Somehow Vistaprint must be up to no good and are openly battered for their ethics by Swedish business magazine Driva Eget. But I couldn’t ignore the price, good service and excellent quality delivered.

Great day

Gearfix on it's way
RGB = Röd, Gul (Yellow) & Black… In Swenglish anyway.

This is the first shipment of multi coloured drill bit holders to my major retailer Jula. Hopefully this will boost the retailers sales numbers.

I reckon these colours will better grab the casual shoppers attention and interest. When summer gets closer, this dash of colour will be out in all their stores in Sweden, Norway and Poland.

Colourful web
Naturally there are even more colours to choose from my webshop. I’ll even have a go at releasing a very limited edition of glow in the dark Gearfixes soon.

Gearfix first magazine ad

Gearfix magazine ad
I’m quite pleased with this design. Hope it does the trick.

If you are reading this because of my drill bit holder advertisement, please leave a comment (Ooooh! I sure hope the commentary field won’t be embarresingly empty).

Measurable result
I got a great last minute deal for this ad so it doesn’t really matter if it fails. I will instantly know how it does since I have Google Analytics for this blog, counter for the website & the web shop has statistic tools.

Advertisement goals
To cover the discounted expenses I only have to sell 50 units from the web shop (alt. 450 units without the discount). Although I seriously doubt going break even the internet activity, or inactivity, will be followed closely. Since the TV-competition a year ago I do get recognised and my inventions mentioned occasionally. The ad can be valued as personal branding too, if any one sees it of course.

A TV-channel
Can you see a hidden message?

Bad ad experience
From an earlier business venture (see coming blog posts) we did an expensive TV-commercial at a major channel that blatantly screwed up when they tried to screw us. One day before the commercial aired our websites visitor statistics shot through the roof with several 1000%. We could also see the average visitor spent 0.1 seconds on our site. Fortunately the TV-channel stopped their dirty internet-bot trick one day early and we were able to estimate how many organic hits actually generated. More of this later on…



Morphed Borat
Expecting great success?

Pushing out my drill bit holder to 60 stores in three countries was done in a flash. When was the next order to be expected?

12 small boxes left
It was easy to calculate how much was left in storage. Now I was enthusiastically trying to predict when and how large the next shipment would be. I might have been a bit over enthusiastic about it.

What to expect?
With such a fantastic invention I just had to get a running start. It would probably fly off the shelves and be a great success. Reality slowly gravitated me back to the ground of reasonable expectations.

Kiosk rambler (Kioskvältare)
To be fair, it was selling OK for a new, unknown product with no marketing attempt at all. It was just put up on the shelves and wasn’t even in the freaking catalogue. Lets just say it didn’t fly off the shelves neither figuratively- or literally speaking. It never became a kiosk rambler.