Blind test

Naked illlustration
It went something like this.

The manufacturer was curious of my choice of material for the drill bit holder. So was I.

Rubber samples
I got a few strings of an elastic plastic they manufactured something else with. It was a bit stiff but very resilient. I had no clue of what I was doing so I just say OK and hoped for the best. I moulded the prototypes in my basement with a cookie jar and figured these experts should be capable to do this much better than me.

Casually taking a plunge
You have to be a bit naïve going forward with a venture like this. I often have to take calculated risks based on gut feelings. Comparable to jumping in a pool hoping to learn to swim before drowning.

Was it a floater?
The actual result was a metaphorically equivalent to the pool being empty (as my illustration). There was no water to drown in but I was presented to another equally troublesome problem. Something I’ll write about in future posts.

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