Another sleepless night

Late night snack.
Caviare comes from the fishes bottom.

There have been many. This is another one. And there will be more of them.

Right now I’m choking on my late night sandwich. Stressed out of not being able to launch my innovative hot dog before the barbecue season. The thoughts of what I could have done and what I have to do keeps my mind spinning.

What to do?
The best thing would be to get some sleep and gain some strength to cope with all this. Not having a family to take care of and rent to pay would make it so much easier. Too much to do, so little time and so many things to prioritize. I really need some R&R.


This is the living story of my venture to design & produce a completely new product for the consumer market. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a leap and do the same. Right now i´m in the middle of my mission and will mix recent events with an abundance of retrospective posting. My goal is that you will find it interesting, entertaining and invigorating.

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