Alternative solutions

One alternative solution
The first slack cutter scetch.

In the early stages I searched alternatives for my rubber flashlight holder. The hand gun market seemed perfect. But how could I fuse together guns with my peaceful product?

Rubber only stretches so far
My rubber flashlight holder was supposed to fit any hand held drill or screwdriver. It couldn’t fit on a thin rifle barrel, I had to come up with a solution.

Cut the slack
I figured out that it would be more versatile by giving the user some choices. Fitting the rubber holder with three different sized holes made it able to fit more devices. You could easily cut off the holders you didn’t need.

Crude but effective
Perhaps I’m a bit too pragmatic? The function was ok, but it was a ugly solution. Back to the drawing board and come up with something better.

Early idea of multifunction lamp holder
One size fits all. Cut off the slack with ordinary scissors.

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