A better tomorrow (again).

The new and improved crowdfunding project just started and will be going on to 1st of July 2013. It sort of sucks cancelling the first one that was fairly successful, but there were just too many problems.

Loosing 1.900 €uro (2.500$)
When I cancelled the first crowdfunding attempt it wasn’t an easy decision. The funding was re paid to the supporters and I could only hope they would contribute on the new site instead.

Givers gain
A very true statement and I am confident that I took the right decision. Now we just have to see if it is true. Please contribute, one dollar is worth more than you think.

Here’s the link:

This is the living story of my venture to design & produce a completely new product for the consumer market. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a leap and do the same. Right now i´m in the middle of my mission and will mix recent events with an abundance of retrospective posting. My goal is that you will find it interesting, entertaining and invigorating.

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