Design protection

Design registrationorganIt’s very simple to protect your product design within the European Union. It’s rather cheap and I recently registered another design online last week.

OAMI document
My paper confirmation came a few days later.

Online protection service
Just log on to OAMI and go for it. If you can’t patent your invention you can at least try to protect its design. Make sure to have proper images of your design. From OAMI the design officially will be yours in all of Europe.

Grace period
Another great thing is that you can wait registering 12 months from when first released. Sometimes you want to see if your cool design has any value by trying to sell or demonstrate it publicly. It is the “other party” that has to prove that your design registration isn’t valid.

Strong protection?
The other day I got advised by three attorneys to “never” patent designed things. They claimed design protection is much better. Still, as stated earlier, the protection is not stronger than the size of your wallet.

This is the living story of my venture to design & produce a completely new product for the consumer market. Hopefully it will inspire you to take a leap and do the same. Right now i´m in the middle of my mission and will mix recent events with an abundance of retrospective posting. My goal is that you will find it interesting, entertaining and invigorating.

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