Customer support

Right now my online sales are improving. This gives me a great opportunity to interact with my costumers. For instance, David B. got a video response to his inquiry.

Slap it together
I taped my smart phone to a box and shot this video in one take. Luckily my video editing programme only crashed four times and I didn’t really have to do more than one or two cuts.


Morphed Borat
Expecting great success?

Pushing out my drill bit holder to 60 stores in three countries was done in a flash. When was the next order to be expected?

12 small boxes left
It was easy to calculate how much was left in storage. Now I was enthusiastically trying to predict when and how large the next shipment would be. I might have been a bit over enthusiastic about it.

What to expect?
With such a fantastic invention I just had to get a running start. It would probably fly off the shelves and be a great success. Reality slowly gravitated me back to the ground of reasonable expectations.

Kiosk rambler (Kioskvältare)
To be fair, it was selling OK for a new, unknown product with no marketing attempt at all. It was just put up on the shelves and wasn’t even in the freaking catalogue. Lets just say it didn’t fly off the shelves neither figuratively- or literally speaking. It never became a kiosk rambler.

Hitting the market

Photo of Gearfix in action
Gearfix – A soft knuckle buster to use on friends.

Finally! I made it, Gearfix was now an official product at Jula. A huge DIY retailer in Sweden, Norway and Poland.

My first born
It is a special feeling building up something with two empty hands. And instantly having my product in the shelves of over 60 stores in three countries, was unreal. Naturally I got worried as a parent is for a newly born child and it would give me serious headaches further on.

Futuristic fantasy
A completely new useful, well designed and reasonably cheap product hit the market november 2010. I planned to use the coming sales numbers to impress other retailers to get in on the action. What could possibly go wrong?