More & more expensive part 1 (of 2)


Rendering of Gearfix.
Yes, the logo should be there.

I did get a fair price for the injection mould to start with. The price later doubled and they talked about more money to fix the problematic nature of elastic moulding materials.

First samples
Early on I got some rubber samples that seemed OK. But when they actually moulded the first real samples of my invention I got a worrying conversation. The guy was rather pessimistic but I was mostly disturbed of his wining and lack of enthusiasm.

Bubbles & beard
There was a long row of issues building up. Bubbles not escaping the material and a nasty casting beard from the high pressure. He said it was like moulding a chewing gum, very difficult.

Boardroom hustle
We discussed problems, solutions and I pointed out that they also had forgot my Gearfix logo in relief. I also pointed out that I wasn’t pleased with doubling the price tag. Especially when they now were talking about even more expenses. You pay, you learn.

What I’m paying for
The solution was to alter the mould increasing the casting intakes, adding a “hot nose” and some minor changes like putting on the logo etc. This resulted in another time consuming problem you can read about here & here.

Other successful rubber products
Why were they having so much trouble moulding my simple drill bit holder? There are tons of rubbery toys and stuff all over the world. What was the problem with my gadget, the shape was fairly simple?

A dildoe
If someone can do this, what the hell is your problem?!




3D-cardboard boxes
A cheap way to do your trial and erroring.

Small orders for more Gearfix bit holders are trickling in. If this keeps up I might just hit break even this year.

Nicely packaged boxes
1.000 per delivery in a Perfect pack.

Perfect packaging
When I eventually understood my earlier packaging failure I also grasped that my boxes needed to be packaged in large delivery boxes. I created virtual boxes in Google Sketchup to test the measurements. Today they fit so perfectly I get tears in my eye every time. It’s so beautiful!