Cant talk right now

Snake eating it self
I got some good stories for you.

There’s too much to do and so little time to contemplate. But I assure you there is some really interesting stuff going on right now.

Vacation time
Hopefully I will be able to get my act together if I ever get a chance to have any vacation. This time I’m really going to try to take some time off that gives me time over to complete all those half finished posts I have waiting. If I don’t get bum rushed and have to work all summer again.

Regular updates
There is so much weird and funny stuff building up in my innovational arsenal. And I aim to have regular updates in this blog. So take it easy and I’ll be up and running steadily in the end of August.

Can’t wait?
Then help me out with my crowdfunding for the triangular hot dog at that ends 1:st of July.

A better tomorrow (again).

The new and improved crowdfunding project just started and will be going on to 1st of July 2013. It sort of sucks cancelling the first one that was fairly successful, but there were just too many problems.

Loosing 1.900 €uro (2.500$)
When I cancelled the first crowdfunding attempt it wasn’t an easy decision. The funding was re paid to the supporters and I could only hope they would contribute on the new site instead.

Givers gain
A very true statement and I am confident that I took the right decision. Now we just have to see if it is true. Please contribute, one dollar is worth more than you think.

Here’s the link: