Crowdfunding for a better tomorrow

Youtube screenshot
The crowdfunding video has been removed to protect the innocent

Update 3 june 2013 – I cancelled the campaign to restart it on another platform. The PayPal-problem was just too great.

I should have started crowdfunding for my triangular hot dog right after the TV-show in December 2012. But it’s never good to look back. I’m heading for the future and need your help.

Expensive production
I need a lot of money to get this pyramid puppy moving and crowdfunding is the quickest way to get started. The situation today is that I have to get the big boys to put together large and expensive machines for a test production. And right now, I’m dead broke.

More important than money
It would be a dream come true if my triangular sausage got 1000 supporters of the minimum amount 1$. Because it’s a clear statement to the sausage industry that the crowd wants this and support it with their own money.

Payment problems (naturally)
If you didn’t have a PayPal account the invoice- (Faktura) alternative was rather good. You then avoided PayPals stupid demand to create a new PayPal account. A real hassle for anyone wanting to contribute, especially going through all that red tape just to give a symbolic amount.

Thank you all for contributing for a better tomorrow!

Another sleepless night

Late night snack.
Caviare comes from the fishes bottom.

There have been many. This is another one. And there will be more of them.

Right now I’m choking on my late night sandwich. Stressed out of not being able to launch my innovative hot dog before the barbecue season. The thoughts of what I could have done and what I have to do keeps my mind spinning.

What to do?
The best thing would be to get some sleep and gain some strength to cope with all this. Not having a family to take care of and rent to pay would make it so much easier. Too much to do, so little time and so many things to prioritize. I really need some R&R.



Zombie illustration
Bad timing and Zombie holocausts often set you back beyond square zero.

Now everything seemed to be going great. The drill bit holders first order was soon to be delivered and I had several other retailers on the sales hook when bad timing struck again.

Mobile labourers
I was confidently working my way into the hearts of several purchasers at different DIY-retailers*. Things were looking bright when suddenly, half of them changed workplace. Especially the ones I had the best relations with.
(Further on my best customer also got infected.)

Bad timing
This was extremely bad since their successors needed at least six months to familiarize themselves with their new tasks and re-build the relations with their VIP suppliers. In some cases there were no successor for quite some time and everything faded out in oblivion. This was worse than just going back to square zero.

Grinding halt
In hindsight I should have switched focus and started selling to a wider range of smaller stores. But I was blinded by my first successful sale and the possibilities of making big business with other large retailers. This lead me further down the path of rampant stupidity and other problems.

* DIY= Do It Yourself shops.