Finding a manufacturer part 3

Gearfix got its present form
He put the final artists touch to it.

Almost ten years earlier I stumbled upon a plastic injection moulding company pitching my talents as an Illustrator. The owner was extremely kind to me then and now, ten years later, they were still in business.

Memory lane
I must have made a good impression. Both the owner and his business partner actually remembered me even though it was almost ten years since our last brief meeting. They were up to the task and gave me a very reasonable price (I did comparisons).

Linked paths
The owner was actually a supplier to the public investment organisation that were advising me. He quickly put a final touch of beautiful design to my drill bit holder and should have all the credit for turning it into a small piece of art.

A bowties
He likes bowties.

Crossed paths
We actually stumbled upon each other at the audition for the Swedish inventor TV-show (a few years later 2012). Both of us had food-related inventions and we made it further and further in the TV-competition.