International expandation

usaI just made a sale to one more country. What does it take to call your self an international business man?

Google translates version of the above:

  • swedenJag gjorde bara en försäljning till ytterligare ett land. Vad krävs det för att ringa din egen internationell affärsman?
  • polandZrobiłem sprzedaży na jeszcze jeden kraj. Co trzeba zrobić, aby zadzwonić do siebie międzynarodowej działalności człowieka?
  • norwayJeg har nettopp gjort et salg til en mer land. Hva vil det ta å ringe deg selv en internasjonal business mann?
  • canadaJe viens de faire une vente à un autre pays. Que faut-il appeler votre auto un homme d’affaires international?

Pink dildo?

Some of the stupid names for my product

More stupid names. A friend of mine still wants to call it Pink Dildo (Not my idéa by the way).

I enjoy coming up with stupid names for my inventions. But its not that fun when you’re in need of a good one.

Injection moulding machine
The plastic injection mould to manufacture this gadget was a huge investment for me. I knew the moulding principals since I had struggled with moulding my own prototypes. It would be nice to make good use of the money and I hoped to be able to use the same mould for different versions of the product.

It would be great to just change a section of the injection mould to include/exclude the flashlight holder to only bit holders. Or perhaps make a section to put relief logotypes or other cool stuff.

Expensive and complicated
The idea was OK but the price was high. Too high to even consider and the mould would become so complicated that it wouldn’t perform that well. That stupid flashlight was giving me a real headache. I really had to do something about it.

Finding a manufacturer part 2

A man of ginger
Your friendly neighbourhood ginger bread man.

I had contact with several manufacturers for my flashlight holder. It was tricky asking them about producing it without telling them what it was.

Comparing materials
Looking for solutions I found silicone wrist bands. You can order custom made bands from China with any logotype or text in relief on it for near to nothing. My prototypes were made of silicone so this had to be the perfect solution.

Plastic poetry
I’m rather amused that the first home made mould I poured silicone in was made from a plastic ginger bread cookie jar. This specific gingerbread cookie brand have their factory next to the silicone company I now visited.

Silicone solution
When visiting this silicone producer oozing of ginger bread I rather quickly got convinced silicone was not a good option for me. If my holder ever got damaged with even a small cut it would tear apart. Thank you friendly ginger bread smelling silicone guy.