Nosegoblins keep me awake

Stimrys collection of nosegobblins.
Stimpys collection of enchanted nosegoblins. (Youtube clip).

Why on earth would you want to know this?

Safety first
If you become a successful inventor you must attend lots of business meetings and travel the world. A dangerous problem is to fall asleep while driving. I’m a clever guy and have a great tip for all you sleepy guys and gals out there.

The inventors nostril.
Yes, this is a safe-driving innovators nostril.

Hairy pickings
Nose picking when driving a car is great fun and a bit of a treasure hunt, you can find amazing things in there. To beef up the game, start plucking your nose hairs. It might generate a tear in the eye but most certainly will keep you awake on your journey.

Bonus feature
When safely arriving to your destination you will look fantastic having removed that horrible nose hair.

The birth of Gearfix

My greatest fear was that someone would steal my ideas. So I chose an old, outdated idea of a rubber flash light holder as a learning experience.

Sketch of Rubber-ringer
My first sketch called the ”Rubber-ringer”.

Light problems
Initially I felt the need for a flash light on my screwdriver when screwing in the dark. This was around 2003, the LED technique was developing and built in screwdriver lights were still very rare.

Collecting dust
In 2006 I drew my first sketch of a rubber band holding a flash light and put it in my folder of inventions. It stayed there for about four years as more ideas grew and the folder had to upgrade to a large binder. A few of the other innovations were slowly taking form but never became more than crude prototypes. The fear of sneaky bastards was holding me back.

Taking the plunge
In 2010 I finally gathered some courage and decided to realize one of my ideas. Since the rubber flash light holder almost was obsolete it felt rather safe to use it as a learning experience. If I messed things up the experience would still be worth it.

In hindsight
Actually, the flash light concept was a good idea. There is clearly a need for it and today you can hardly find a machine without a built in LED-light.